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01 Schedule

November 15, 2016

Real Future Fair


Join the Real Future team, including Fusion’s Editor-in-Chief Alexis Madrigal, for mind-expanding conversations about the future. For our second annual fair we are taking over the Oakland Museum of California, where we’ll tackle diversity in tech, talk about the future of work, and look at how art and activism are colliding with technology. We are collaborating with Reboot Saftey to host Oakland’s first hackathon against violence and will debut the projects live on stage. You will also be able to explore the surface of the red planet in virtual reality, with our Fusion VR project Mars2030, take a tour through our Meme Gallery, and take a spin through some of the museum exhibitions with a Real Future twist. Expect a full day of awesome.

Full schedule forthcoming.
Ticket price includes light breakfast, lunch, and an endless supply of coffee.

02 Speakers

Please check back for details here in October.

03 Experiences

Reboot Safety Hack-a-thon

Fusion is thrilled to host Reboot Safety: Oakland, the East Bay’s first ever hack-a-thon against violence. Join us at our offices in downtown Oakland, November 5th & 6th for a weekend of collaborative coding towards a safer city. Reboot Safety’s mission is to recognize and support the power of every individual’s contribution to safe, prosperous communities. You can sign up to participate here.

Mars 2030

In partnership with NASA and MIT’s Space Systems Laboratory, FusionVR invites you to explore the red planet in Mars 2030. This immersive virtual reality experience lets you play the role of one of the first scientists tasked with establishing a human presence on Mars. From its jagged peaks to its subterranean lava tubes, this journey, approached with the highest regard to scientific accuracy, allows us to unlock mankind’s next frontier.

Meme Gallery

The meme gallery will feature art products of Internet culture and the often uncredited young black creators driving this art movement. The gallery will explore contemporary memes grounding their cultural commentary and distinct styles in a physical space beyond the ephemeral timelines and feeds they usually occupy.

Gallery Tours

The Oakland Museum’s galleries will be open to our attendees at certain times throughout the day, with exhibits including All Power to the People: Black Panthers at 50, and Dorothea Lange: Politics of Seeing.

04 About

About Fusion

Through impactful journalism and smart commentary, FUSION covers the stories that matter to the new, rising American mainstream. FUSION content is available to audiences across a broad range of platforms including cable television (channel listings),, various OTT providers and social media platforms. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. FUSION is part of the recently announced Fusion Media Group, a division of Univision Communications Inc.

About Real Future

Looking towards a diverse and inclusive future, Real Future brings you in-depth reporting on how technology is changing our lives. You can read us online, meet us at our live events in downtown Oakland, or watch our TV show on your favorite screen.

05 Location

Oakland Museum of California
1000 Oak St.
Oakland, CA, 94607

Just one short block from the Lake Merritt BART station!

Situated between serene Lake Merritt and busy downtown Oakland, the Oakland Museum of California is one of the most significant architectural examples of mid-century modernism in the United States. When it opened in 1969, OMCA’s design by Pritzker prize–winning architect Kevin Roche was acclaimed for its bold and innovative premise: a museum that also serves as a vibrant urban park and public space. We are thrilled to host this year’s fair at the OMCA, whose mission is “to inspire all Californians to create a more vibrant future for themselves and their communities.”